It has been a couple of tense days…in the car.

On the Thursday, I noticed silvery threads streaking across the windshield on the passenger side, and I wondered who or what could have scratched it this way. But on second glance, I realized with horror, that the silvery streaks were actually the silvery strands of an arachnid, and they were inside the car.

I pushed down the panic rising in my throat and forced myself to concentrate on the road in front of me. Afterall, I reasoned, who knows how long they have been there? Perhaps the spider is just a little fellow, who made a wrong turn in life and now he’s quaking in the corner because he’s trapped in the car with a frizzy-haired, 2-legged giant. Perhaps.

It wouldn’t be my first encounter with a spider in the car. Or my tenth.

There was the time Little Guy was a baby and we were driving Big Guy to school. Fortunately, I was stopped at a stop sign when I noticed the creature running down my arm. I had enough sense to pop the car into park before bolting from, screaming and flailing like I was on fire. The guy stopped behind me wasn’t impressed.

There was the time Little Guy was trapped with one and since we were on a 4 lane highway at the time, all I could do was pass him one of the shoes I was wearing and instruct him to whack anything that moved.

There was the other time I was on a 4 lane highway in holiday traffic, and…oh never mind. It was a harrowing journey, but in the end, I prevailed!

This time, I made it to work without incident.

I made it most of way home again too, before the bites on the inside of my elbow started to itch. Coincidentally, bites that mysteriously appeared between in the Grocery Triangle – somewhere between home, the grocery store and Tim Horton’s. Coincidentally? Suddenly, every brush of my hair made me slap my body wildly. Every itch made me twitch.

I spotted something black crawling down my leg while I waited in the school parking lot. I managed to stifle a scream but slapped and flailed like a fish out of water. I don’t know if anyone noticed; I was too embarassed to look.

Unfortunately, the web was back yesterday morning. And closer. Like wrapped around the steering wheel, mockingly. Threateningly.

And in a few moments, I have to go out. In my car.

I have 2 prayers right now: 1) Please let it be hot enough in the car for nothing to survive. 2) Please don’t let it be a relative of this guy, that I found setting up housekeeping next to the cars.

DSC_2297 (533x800)

Happy Weekend!