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Some pairs fit naturally together, like Laverne and Shirley or Bert and Ernie. So it is with pairing flavours, like waffles and maple syrup, or apple  with cinnamon. One of my favourite pairings is strawberry and rhubarb. Last week, I talked about Tetley’s summer berries tea, a brilliant pairing of black tea with mixed berries.

David’s Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait is a perfect pairing of both fruits in this caffeine-free infusion. It contains apple, hibiscus, raisins, carrot, yogurt bits, beetroot, strawberry, and of course, rhubarb. It is both tangy and sweet, and the beetroot gives it a sensational rosy  colour. This tea works both hot or cold!


Rhubarb may be a less common fruit for some, and certainly not a beloved one for many people.  I grew up with rhubarb in the garden, my brother and I often daring each other to crunch down a fresh stalk without making a face. For the uninitiated, rhubarb on its own, is very sour, even when ripe. Pairing it with a sweet fruit, such as strawberries, sweetens the sour without the need for added sugar, while still allowing the tartness from the rhubarb to shine through.

Some added benefits of rhubarb can include lowering cholesterol, improving memory function, and slowing signs of aging. It contains vitamin C and fibre, as well higher levels of vitamin K, which promotes bone growth and limits damage to neurons in the brain. It should only be consumed in small to moderate amounts as it also contains a type of calcium that is not easily absorbed by the body, and never eat the leaves! (They are poisonous).

Rhubarb may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but a sip or two of Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait…with a maybe a scone, could just be another perfect pairing.

Happy Holiday Monday!