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Dolly Parton, in 9 to 5, was a secretary with huge assets. Donna from Suits was a secretary with a can opener. Even the assistant in Dilbert has a crossbow. So what’s my “secretary with a …”?

This week we discovered that it could be… Secretary with an Axe!

DSC_1785 (800x533)

I went from being the worst in the pack at the beginning…regularly missing the target completely, or bouncing it off the wooden cookie…to fighting my way through 3 grueling rounds in the winning Round 2 of “The Championship”!

Not only did I get a bullseye…in the course of the afternoon, I got 10! Only 2 were in a row.

I won a t-shirt, which I wore the very next. It sparked a conversation with some construction workers at Tim’s that made me laugh. Never underestimate short people!

It required focus and a great desire to just have fun! One more thing to knock off my Mid-Life Crisis list! Secretary with an Axe. It does have a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Happy Weekend!