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Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, Apparently, from shore to shore, Canadians are drinking more tea, says a 2016 Coffee Association of Canadian survey and a 2013 Nielson study found the average Canadian has 8 different varieties in their pantries. I have over 55. With tea boutiques selling loose leaf in a range of flavour combinations, popping up in cities across the province, and retailers stocking their shelves with more, it’s not hard to do.

So in the spirit of tea and country, I shared a pot of Canadian Breakfast tea with my Mom…in the afternoon…even though it was 33C degrees…in the shade (only 46C with humidity). No heat wave will ever spoil a tea party, especially one for Canada’s 151st birthday!

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Canadian Breakfast tea is just one flavour offered by Nourish Tea Co., a company that believes in providing organic (as much as possible) and supports estates that are sustainable, ethical and abide by fair labour practices. Canadian Breakfast tea is an orange pekoe tea from Sri Lanka, and is Kosher, Organic, and Fair Trade Certified. It had the robustness expected of a “breakfast” tea, with it’s own unique malty flavour that can be intensely satisfying at any time of the day. This particular tin was a gift, and it can be purchased at well.ca or on Amazon.

In my (tiny) bit of research, I discovered a new tea company, Canadian Boreal Forest Tea Co. operating in Manitoba. Apparently it produces a handful of blends using pine needles, sage, sweetgrass, rose hips, fireweed, and barks, grasses and clover all found in Canada’s boreal regions.  It is devoted to respecting the land providing this bounty. That may not be a uniquely Canadian perspective, but it’s certainly one I could support. They only sell wholesale now, but I’ll keep an eye for them!

Whatever the reasons, Canadians are setting aside their double-doubles for tea (perhaps it’s our long, cold winters?) – I’m in!

Happy Birthday Canada! Cheers!