It’s that time of year again, the annual community yard sale at the church to support those in need living in the streets of our city. And I’m in charge of the bake table again. So I’ve been baking my brains out all week – I even convinced my Mom to help out. Unlike 2 years ago, there are NO cake balls. I also learned my lesson and did not stick anything on the back porch to cool. That hasn’t deterred this cheeky fellow from visiting every day just in case…

April 2018_ed

That’s not to say there weren’t disasters this year! Little Guy sloshed milk all over the floor and it ran under the fridge. My flour cannister tipped into the sink to create paste. And I picked up an empty Pyrex dish that I had just removed from the oven. I threw it on the counter, and it bounced and crashed on the floor. Who knew Pyrex bounced?

I figured if things came in 3s, it would be smooth sailing from now on. I was wrong. I made a batch of cookies, only to realize as I was stirring in the last ingredient, that the second ingredient was milk. And I didn’t add any. I quickly sloshed in some lactose-free milk because our “other” milk was chunky, and it sort of worked? Only last night, as I was tidying up before bed, I realized –


I had measured ingredients for 2 batches of Fiddle Diddle Cookies, but I needed 4 cups of sugar and I only had 2. Enough for one batch. So as I made them, I took what I needed. Only…I should have used the full 2 cups of sugar and I didn’t. I used only one.

Oh well!

The triple-berry lemon cheesecake squares, key lime coconut muffins, shortbread cookies, triple chocolate brownies, chocolate-chip banana loaves, sweet biscuits, Monster PB-Oatmeal cookies, cheddar-green onion biscuits, and caramel corn will have to do!

Caramel Corn_ed

Have a good weekend everyone!