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Both of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers were royal watchers, so it only seemed appropriate to continue the tradition. My Mom had made fascinators and set the table with vintage teacups. We had dressed up in our special nighties the night before. I staggered out in time to watch the Royal Wedding Saturday morning, with my Mom. We shared a fresh, hot pot of tea brewed in a special blue teapot my grandmother had given my mom, and we curled up under handmade quilts by her too.

BLue Teapot

We watched the post-ceremony festivities with a pot of Coffee Pu’erh tea in a vintage pot. Breakfast was pancakes and “bangers” with maple syrup from our woods. Yum! Scones with strawberry jam and cream came later.

Coffee Tea

When Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex agreed to marry into The Royal Family, there were a number of rules which she had to learn to abide by, including how to hold a tea cup properly. If you are right handed, the teacup and saucer are to be held in your left hand. If you are seated at a table, the saucer must remain on the table. The cup should be held up with your thumb and forefinger, the bottom supported by the middle finger, with the others fingers tucked in. You may use the forefinger and middle fingers of your other hand to steady it. Pinky in and no fingers loop through the handle.

You must always maintain erect posture and raise the cup to your lips to take a sip of tea.

DSC_1539 (800x459)Mom, I wouldn’t want to celebrate this modern day “fairty tale” with anyone else! Love you. Cheers!