So…I turned 45 on the weekend, and for the past year, I’ve been planning on a trip to a local gun range…just to try it, not to take up a new hobby. Big Guy took me on Monday because…

Homicidal Jenn

I was nervous on the trip over. That nervousness increased when we were buzzed inside and greeted by Dwayne Johnson’s twin (only this guy had lots of curly black hair). He oozed “don’t mess with me” and never cracked a smile. Fortunately, after we signed our lives away, we were given a different “handler”, who was serious but also very reassuring! He helped us pick out our arms…a 9 mm, an AR 223 and a 12 gauge shotgun.

We started with “gun school” – learning the rules of the range and how to operate our chosen firearms. Half-way through our lesson, he paused and asked, “you guys play video games, right?”. I glanced down at my new Overwatch t-shirt and he smiled.

To make a long story short…it was awesome!

I felt like…customizablenoble6





But looked more like…


Our “handler” was really impressed with how well I did for my first time. I never missed the target and the kickback on the shotgun didn’t blow me over!

DSCN5184 (640x364)

AR223 – 9mm – 12 gauge

I’ve had a few rough days at work in the last 6 weeks, and a friend suggested I discreetly hang my targets in the office. Probably not a good idea. I’ll just leave them hanging in our dining room. Across the table from where Hubby sits so he can see them. Every day.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Wednesday to you!