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This Japanese Chikaramachi tea cup belonged to my Grandmother.

Chikaramachi Sunset tea cup (800x475)

Chikaramachi has been part of Noritake’s history since 1896, but early records were destroyed in the home office after a bombing attack on March 19, 1945. The names, Chikaramachi and shumokucho came from the intersection of 5 buildings built by the Morimura brothers, the co-founders of what became Noritake, in 1896.

The first Chikaramachi back stamp was registered in 1912. This tea cup has the second series of backstamp (1928), a crown within a laurel wreath, in green.

The quality of the porcelain of many Chikaramachi pieces can have imperfections, rough edges, and inconsistent brushwork. All production and exports ceased in 1942.

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