A fabulous friend decided one Friday that I needed to expand my “horizons” by offering to bring me bubble tea. I have taken a look them before and thought, “nope”! But I appreciated her thoughtfulness, and she’s right! I do need to expand my horizons! 🙂


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Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink mixed with fruit or milk, and chewy tapioca balls, known as bubbles, pearls or boba). This bizarre drink was invented in the 1980’s, when a lot of colours, prints and geometric shapes clashed. 

Look left – need I say more?





But I went for it – Green Apple with Tapioca.

Bubble Tea

I am not a fan of tapioca, and I did not expect these to be the size and colour of small blueberries. The texture was as I remembered it – reminiscent of something evil that forms in your sinus cavity when you have an infection, and I will stop with the word picture right there. The drink itself, however, was pretty tasty. Though it had a strong hint of flowery perfume (like the kind I imagine an old lady named Mildred would wear), it was a refreshing iced tea drink.

And I really appreciated my friend’s sweet intentions and tasty treat to help me unwind on a Friday afternoon at work. Next time – no tapioca!

Old Lady


Bottom’s Up, Mildred!

Happy Monday!