Actually it’s pronounced Mah-tey, and it has nothing to do with Australia! Mate tea is a caffeinated herbal tea, which was once called “the drink of the gods”. Yerba mate literally means “herb cup”. Traditionally, dried leaves of yerba mate, a species of the holly family and a native plant of South America, are steeped in hot water and served with a straw in a hollowed-out calabash gourd. One day I will write about the Mate Gourd Ceremony!

While some studies are concerned that the high consumption of mate tea, especially when served hot, may be linked to esophageal cancer, the results are inconclusive. On the plus side, yerba mate shares many benefits with green tea. Research shows that yerba mate has significantly more active compounds than green tea and it has higher polyphenol and antioxidant counts than both green and black teas. Yerba mate tea has less caffeine than coffee, but still has the energizing effect of coffee, without causing the jitters.


My boss had a few meetings last week and it didn’t feel right to “sample” his Advent Calendar without him. While etiquette may dictate that this tea be consumed in a group, I had a tea party for me, myself and I. On Thursday, knowing I was heading into a meeting too, “me, myself and I” indulged in Stash’s Salted Caramel Mate tea. It contains both black and yerba mate tea, along with cocoa shells, monk fruit and salted caramel flavouring. It smells like butterscotch, tastes like caramel, and satisfied my mid-morning craving for something sweet.


The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Eat cake. Stay safe.

Happy Monday!