Author Laura Kemp was featured in The Telegraph today for her piece on having a Mummy Midlife Crisis. As it turns out, as of today, I’ve been a Mom for 28 years (assuming we aren’t also counting the 9 months of heartburn, weight gain and sleepless nights while someone partied). I’m sure if I thought about it, I could come up with way more than her 7 signs of a Mummy Midlife Crisis, but since it’s Friday and it’s been another incredible week of mayhem (plus I have a chocolate birthday cake to assemble), I’m just going to “go with the flow” and see if I fit in.

1. Savage haircut (after multiple discussions and agonizing with the question: is long hair ageing.) Hmm…


2. Intense exercise. I’m assuming this is to lose the “baby weight” (which you know is no longer linked to a baby but to baby-sized bags of potato chips). Hmm…


3. Go potty for crafts. Hmm… became a Stampin’ Up! representative. Currently looking up  on Pinterest and sewing “geeky” Christmas decorations.


4. New friends through social media. Laura calls it “banter, chit-chat, thought-provoking threads and funny pictures of cats, which frankly, is better than what your real life friend moaned about over coffee this morning”. Hmm…



5. An unprecedented interest in world affairs. Nope!! Not world affairs, but if I can watch someone renovate their home, renovate their hot rod, or renovate their wardrobe, I’m in!

6. Getting a dog. Close enough?

DSC_1356 (800x533)Check!

7. Caring about winter boots. Or “fashion has re-entered our lives”. Hmm…


Laura writes, “The mummy midlife crisis is about working out where you go next. And not giving two hoots if you look foolish doing it.” Do I like the way she thinks?


Happy Weekend!