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Make friends with the birds, for when you do they will gladly awaken you with sparkling conversations, and lull you to rest with a sweet composition that sums up their day. – Author unknown


This Coalport tea cup decorated in dark pink birds with vegetation on a white background, was produced circa 1891-1920.

 The Coalport Porcelain Works of England was founded by John Rose in 1795, and continues to produce porcelain wear today. The company may have been named for the coal that was transferred from canal boats to river vessels in the Coalbrook Dale area.

The best known pattern. first used in the 1820’s, is the well-known Blue Willow pattern, a  distinctive chinoiserie pattern. In the 1830’s, During the 1830’s, Coalport started using the technique of applying a light blue transfer print outline, to guide its painters. This preserved some of the hand-painted decoration, while keeping up with up production. This technique was widely adopted by other companies during the 19th century.

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