2018 is right around the corner and I’m still asking —

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At the close of the 2016  Year In Review , I prayed:

May 2017 be a year with more laughter than tears. May I have the ability to rise above the challenges of supreme annoyance. And may I retain the ability to dress myself at the end of each day! Amen!

This past year has certainly not been a year of laughter, Humiliation yes! But not a lot of laughter. There were plenty of annoyances, and consequently the odd rant. But only one confession. But I can still dress myself!

I have aged by a year, which has led to a tumultuous relationship with my bed, the raging inferno of my dying youth, and a Faulty Filter.  I decided to be daring and I wore my first bikini. The beacon was lit that day, but on other days, I became positively invisible.

There were moments when I failed as a mother, and other times I had to exercise faith. Little Guy participated in a fundraiser for those who need a hand up and wrote a guest post for me this summer about Tom Thomson. We had more serious “grown up” talks.  I hope he never grows old.

In October, I experienced the sublime with my mother-in-law’s sudden passing. She was a lovely woman and we shared may giggles over cups of tea.  That same weekend, I experienced the ridiculous with some sudden and naughty text messages and phone calls from strangers. “Hey Baby”, maybe I should have considered changing careers?

In April I participated in the A to Z Challenge. In September, I started a regular Monday tea feature called “What’s in My Cup?”.  I took my summer vacation in December (it’s a long story) but at least I escaped the annual Winter Concert. Wednesdays nights remained Halo night. I also took time to lament being short, and compiled my own list of requirements for a wife. And a bunch of other silliness…


Bing Crosby may have crooned his dreams for a White Christmas, but he could afford someone else to white-knuckle drive in white-out conditions, and he certainly didn’t brave freezing temperatures that rival the north pole. It was -20C today and it’s numbed my brain. Whether it’s the lack of sleep and trays of sweets, or the fact that 2017 wasn’t a particularly grand year, but I seriously lack any enthusiasm to begin yet another year. But just like Christmas, it’s coming.So to all those who have popped by from the blogsphere –





Happy New Year!!!