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Gift wrapping isn’t a chore – it’s a challenge.

As kids, my brother and I would try to mess with each other. Sometimes we would wrap a little box, and put it inside a bigger box, then wrap it and so on! To distract the receiver from guessing the contents, (or to make a gift sound broken), we’d toss in a penny or two (back in the good old days when we had pennies). Or we would meticulously tape odd-shaped bits of cardboard to our gift before wrapping to change the appearance. We recycled boxes and gift wrap before recycling became a normal part of life. We often fought over who got the funny pages because getting The Far Side cartoon first was the best part of besting the other. Old maps were cool too! So much for holiday spirit!

Our grandparents always used half a roll of tape on every seam and Hubby has carried on that tradition. Big Guy has found other creative ways – like a tea towel held together with elastic bands…or duct tape!

At least he isn’t recycling fast food wrappers just yet.

Last year, my brother introduced Little Guy to a new technique…

Layer 1

Layer 2Layer 3Layer 5

And that, my friends, is a wrap!

Merry Christmas!