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Fall’s a great time to take a hike. Especially if you’re annoying me. And with any luck (for me that is), you’ll get lost and I’ll never have to be nice to you again. I try to wear my angel wings every day. But sometimes I’d like to take them off and beat somebody  with them.

It’s been a long time since I ranted about stupid people where I work. Actually, that’s not true. It’s been less than 10 minutes. But publicly… I haven’t ranted publicly with other people who don’t have to love me because of marriage/blood ties.

I’ve been good.

I didn’t rant about the 6 phone technicians who visited me at work in September, which were preceded by the 3 service department lackeys who just. don’t. listen! Two of those visits were the result of construction crews down the road severing phone lines. I didn’t rant about them either.

I didn’t fulminate about the security company who summoned the Fire Dept. to come knockin’ on the doors in full gear, sirens wailing. Twice. In the same day. The first time was the because of the severed phone lines. The second time, the company had been notified we were testing the alarms. Three times.

I didn’t bluster about the Mom who emailed me about a kids’ program with questions. Actually, the same questions. That I had answered. Multiple times. Within the same “never-ending-story” of an email.

I didn’t pontificate when someone got herself added to the worship team. At the last minute.

Or spout off about the spelling-police who complained about stuff I didn’t even do. I was enjoying my first stay-cation in 8 months.

Or vociferate about an overly tanned committee member who enjoyed summer away, and came to a meeting filled with contradictory and negative feedback.

 Or the myriad of other unnecessary grievances and disruptions I’ve been privy to this September.

But September is over…and Christmas is still a long way off!

I have to stop asking “How stupid can they be?” Some people are starting to take it as a challenge.

On Wednesday afternoon, I finished the time-consuming, mind-numbing, soul-sucking task of compiling and publishing our annual church directory…4 months late. I started the process in February and it would have been done in June, but there were too many fingers in this pie. The process dragged horrendously.

I was elated to clear space on my desk.

Wednesday afternoon, I opened my front door after school just in time to hear a panicked voice leaving a voice message. This was not a voice I wanted invading the sanctity of my private hovel. The message was something about an email from me, major problems with the directory, have to reprint? Reluctantly I called back.

The email was very detailed, but it wasn’t from me, and the sender had not signed it. I hate puzzles. I suck at riddles. I don’t decipher codes. I’m also not any closer to perfecting the ability to read minds. Thank you for playing.

We chalked it up to clever spam and moved on. I recognized the email address the next day and a flurry of emails went back and forth…

To shorten the tale, the major problems were 1) one innocent oversight; 2) two extra pairs of hands in the pie; 3) three forms of notice to check the listing, which were ignored.; 4) four weeks that it was available for them to review but it wasn’t; and, 5) five months that have passed since I asked people to check their listing, and they didn’t.

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I had scheduled this for posting and then…I got an email at work today from a bride. I may need another set of wings.

Happy Weekend!