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Fall may officially be here, but it seems Summer isn’t ready to release it’s grip. For the last year, I dreamed of sitting by a pool in my new bikini, a good book in one hand, and an ice cold glass of tea in the other. Where was this glorious sunshine during my one week of holidays?

The temperature soared over 30C this past Saturday, and with no kids in the house to scar for life, it was my last opportunity to enjoy a taste of Summer. If any of the neighbours were looking, they only looked once…because I blinded them!


Nothing satisfies quite like a chilled glass of homemade iced tea on a hot day. You can control the flavour and the amount of sugar to suit your own tastebuds, using whatever tea bags you have tucked into your cupboards!

It’s important to use enough tea bags to get a strong flavour, and better an extra bag than a longer steeping time. Tea that has steeped a long time tends to be more bitter. A green tea or an herbal (like Tetley’s Pina Colada), will require more tea bags in order for the flavour to come through.  Canadian Living Magazine recommends 2 bags for every 3 cups of water.

Allow the water to cool naturally before chilling it in the fridge. Tea that is put into the fridge when it is hot tends to become murky.

Iced tea can be sweetened or flavoured with sugar or lemon. I don’t sweeten my iced tea but if you do, add the sugar to the water when it is still hot in order to dissolve it. Alternatively, make a sugar syrup and add it to cold tea.  Lemon wedges should be added once the water has become tepid or squeezed in just before serving. Fresh lemons are always preferable to artificial lemon juice from a plastic squeeze bottle!

I like my tea really strong, so I don’t add a lot of ice to my glass. As the ice melts, it dilutes the flavour. Chill the glass before adding the chilled tea, and it’s just as refreshing! Cheers!

Iced Tea

“Iced tea! Nothing is half so refreshing as a glass of black tea piled high with ice! More than a quencher of thirst, it is a tamer of tempers, a lifter of lethargy, and a brightener of smiles. It is a taste of Winter’s chill, magically trapped in
midsummer’s glass.”
― Paul F. KortepeterTea with Victoria Rose