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Summer is over and quite frankly, I feel kind of cheated and tired, and totally unprepared to swing into action. Welcome to September! I need a cup of tea!!

Every Monday this Fall (and longer if it’s a success), I’m going to indulge in tea (& warm socks) and share them with you! “What’s in my Cup?” will be a composition of tea reviews, tips & trends, recipes, quotes and photographs.

It was my Nana J. who poured my first cup on a Sunday afternoon. We were sitting around the table after a hearty meal (that almost always included pie) and she poured me a cup of “calico tea” – a teacup of milk with just enough tea to colour the milk and take the chill from it.

Tea is synonymous with the comfort and security of family.  Growing up, we had tea at large family gatherings, and when my grandparents just “popped by for a minute”. I have shared endless pots of tea and deep conversations with my Mom, and I have laughed over cups of tea with girlfriends. It’s the first thing I reach for when I drag out of bed in the morning, and the first thing I want when I’m tired or I’m sad. I lose cups of tea in odd places in my home. Tea is an integral part of my life, and this feature just makes sense.

So I’m inviting you to pour yourself a cup of tea and join me in making “What’s in My Cup?” an indulgent and integral part of your Mondays!

Tea Mug

Cozy Indulgence: “All you need is tea and warm socks.”


(Feel free to share “What’s in your cup” – your tea stories, tea topic requests, and photos too!)