On Friday’s Coach Daddy answers 5 random questions posed by his daughters (Go Ask Daddy) and this week he tackled the Art of Naming a Road!  This prompted me to dig deeper into some of the weird and wacky names of streets found around the globe, including a few in my own neighbourhood.

Why, you ask? Because it’s the end of another Summer week and I’ve spent it suffocating in my cubicle of purgatory, listening to the world roll by outside my window. Today I was the only thing moving in the building. It’s been close to 30C every day with thunderstorms that peak right about the time I get home from work. The temperature in my bedroom is scorching, but it’s the one hair blowing from the fan, on the back of my neck, that’s keeping me awake. I’m seriously in need of a vacation, even if it’s just looking at weird places I could visit. Don’t worry – I kept it clean!


Virginia Ave, Kentucky Ave, Tennesse Crescent, Ventnor Ave, Pacific Ave, Baltic Ave, St. Charles Place (Canada) – all in one neighbourhood. Monopoly anyone?

Scully Way and Mulder Ave. (ON, Canada)

Knightrider Way (UK)

Wayne’s World Drive (Utah, USA)

Little Guy would like to live on Redstone Blvd. – since we’re a family of Minecraft fans.

Gotham St (640x436)

Alternatively, he’d be happy with Gotham Street, but that would require a move to the U.S. I’m not ready to commit to that kind of move just for a street name.


Amaretto Ave, Whiskey Gate, Cognac Crescent (ON, Canada) – also all in one neighbourhood!

Roast Meat Hill Road (Connecticut, USA)

Captain Bacon Road (Massachusetts, USA) [Mmmm….bacon….]


Bonnie Crescent & Clyde Ave. (ON, Canada)

Wayne’s World Drive (Utah, USA)

Street Sign with Walk Signal

Tragically Hip Way (ON, Canada)



This Street, That Street, The Other Street (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Road to Nowhere (Nunavut, Canada)

Bad Route Road (Montana, USA)

Pillow Talk Court (Las Vegas, USA)

Chicken Gristle Road (Texas, USA)

Anyhow Lane (NY, USA)

Goa Way (Idaho, USA)

Farfrompoopen Road (Arkansas, USA)

Peepee Falls Road (Hawaii)

Intersection: Crooks Road and Corporate Dr. (Michigan)

Shades of Death Rd (New Jersey)

Meth Bible Camp Rd (also a Dead End) (Tennessee)

Divorce Crt (Penn)

Butt Hollow Rd (Va)

Booger Branch Road (Ga and SC)

Psycho Path Pvt (Michigan)

When I was contemplating law school, I liked to drive by Barrister’s Court. It just seemed so ironic!

There’s also: Needless Alley, Dumb Woman’s Lane, Wasps Nest, Broadbottom Road, Hooker Road (UK)

And last but not least, Butt Hole Road. The jokes were too much to take for the long-suffering residents of Butt Hole Road, in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, a street named after a communal water butt that was originally in the area. It was renamed Archers Way to refer to a medieval castle, half a mile away.

Can you blame them? Happy Weekend!