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My official job title is “Office Administrator”. Unofficially, my job title is “Church Lady”. My preferred job title is “Gatekeeper in the Cubicle of Purgatory”, or on certain days (namely Tuesday to Friday), Secretary with a Crossbow!

Previously, I’ve written twice about the Assumptions People Make (here and here), about the types of people I work with and other related “Family Business“, and dealing with Stupid People. But enough shameful past post promotions!

I found a cartoon on Pinterest depicting “The Church Office” and it inspired me to put pencil to paper. Being summer, the office is quieter and cleaner than usual. Remarkably, while I currently don’t have bags of clothing donations piling up and I have only 1 hymn book (not one of every hymnal every published), there’s still more enough clutter!

Chuch Office Sketch (800x617)

I’ll deal with it next week – it’s the weekend! Enjoy it!