Nerd is the Word! This week was Vacation Bible Camp at our church, and I was asked to help with the morning skits. I jumped in whole-heartedly – fashion, voice and mannerisms.  I had a parent tell me her kids talked about me all afternoon. I had kids ask to be introduced to me. The kids giggled with glee and empathized every time disaster struck! My co-actor couldn’t look at me because I would distract her! It was awesome…or should I say “aweshum”!

Nerd Girl

It wasn’t so long ago that no one wanted to be identified as a nerd. Stereotypical nerds were smart but underweight and ungainly individuals with a keen lack of fashion sense, and who preferred relationships with machines and mathematics to people. They were decidedly uncool or even creepy!

Creepy friend

In her essay, The Rise of Nerds’ Popularity, Sandra Friedrichs, speculated that 3 key factors could be attributed to the rapidly increasing in popularity and the acceptance of “nerds” in society.

First, the definition (and connotation) of “nerd” has become positive.  Outsiders to the lifestyle and attitude that has been categorized as nerd, are more tolerant. Nerds are being viewed as passionate rather than odd. It’s becoming “hip to be square”!

Second, technology. Technology, science, and “nerdy” interests dominate our culture and our daily lives. It is used and appreciated by nearly everyone. In addition, technology has been used to connect people with similar interests and to promote products, like gadgets and clothing, and social opportunities like conventions. The stuff of nerds is offering something for everyone.

Third, nerds are more heavily featured in t.v. series, movies and video games. Superhero movies saturate the coming attractions, with apocalyptic and sci-fi genres not far behind. Kate Turner, in her article, “Revenge of the Nerds: The Rise and Prominence of Nerd Culture” contributes the reboots and adaptations of classic nerd material for creating new admirers and bonding them with original fans.

Lists of most popular nerds through the decades differ. XXX top 3 picks are: . At Ranker.com, you can vote for your favourite Greatest Geeks in TV History! From James Bond’s “Q” and The Professor constructing primitive machinery with bamboo and coconuts on Gilligan’s Island in the 1960’s, to Abbie Sciuto (NCIS) and Big Bang’s Sheldon Cooper (and the rest of the gang) on t.v. this week, we shout “Say it loud. I’m a nerd and proud”, Lewis, Revenge of The Nerds (1983).

Have a good weekend! Live long and prosper!