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The comments on my blog are as scarce as the people who eat plain doughnut holes because they like them, not because that’s the only kind left in the box and they’re really hungry. I know there would be more if all 5 my readers knew how to leave comments (love you Mom)!

But occasionally I get comments that are just…”dirty”! Let me state this clearly: If you want to use your body as an amusement park, that’s your prerogative, but leave me out of it! I’m glad you find me attractive, but seriously dude, that’s gross!

I realize we live in a society that is way too preoccupied with sex – getting it, the abundance of it, or the lack of it. If we’re not “doing it” then we are obsessing about “doing it” or obsessing about why we’re not “doing it”. It’s exhausting!

Four years ago, I browsed the Women’s Health section in a major book store chain. I expected to find ridiculousness like “How to Embrace and Bake With Your Inner Child” or “Harnass the Power of Pretend Eating and Drop 4.5 Dress Sizes”.  Instead of books on self-esteem, nutrition, exercise, or surviving menopause, over 75% of the shelf space was filled with books on sexual positions, how to seduce, pleasure or keep a man, and a book with Sex Tips from Porn Stars! When did advice from Porn Stars override the need for quality books that help women struggling with depression, eating disorders or grief?

How could over 75% of the books on Women’s Health have so little to do with women’s health?  Is the market saturated with books of this caliber or is there high market demand? What kind of women are buying these books?

Here’s a crazy idea…

Maybe if we put as much brain power and energy into solving issues like homelessness and poverty, as we do in pursuing “satisfaction”, we could change the world.

Maybe, if we focused on the importance of emotional connection, intelligent conversation, meaningful touch, and mutual respect in a relationship that exceeds the need to jump into bed at every possible opportunity, we could be happier and healthier, and secure with who are.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.
– J.K. Rowling

And maybe the Women’s Health section in the book store should be about… oh, I don’t know…Women’s Health!

Happy Weekend!