I started researching how adulthood is like high school, because let’s be honest, even though high school was back in the dark ages, it doesn’t take much to make me feel like a lonely, insecure nerd again.

I remember looking forward to adulthood and thinking “it will be so much better when…” …how did I finish that sentence? I don’t remember the specfics any more, just that elusive feeling of hope that it would be better. I would have love and security and a house with a white picket fence. I wouldn’t worry about grades and boys so much. Life itself wouldn’t hurt so much. It would be so much better.

But it isn’t better.

Instead of a perfect family and a white picket fence, I have men who bombard my couch with noxious butt fumes in my semi-detached box. Instead of actual grades on tests and exams, I’m forever grading myself on how well I perform as a wife and mother, as an employee, as a friend. Instead of worring about boys liking me, I’m worrying about men who don’t always respect me. And life still hurts.

So last week, I took a break from blogging (afterall, a survivor of the 2017 A-to-Z Challenge needs time to recuperate). I barely looked at my laptop. I didn’t pick up my camera. Instead, I watched Masterchef Australia and tried some new recipes…mushroom risotto, lemon blueberry muffins, lime-coconut muffins, pasta sauce, and Lemon Chicken & Potatoes.  Yum!

Good thing I got a FitBit for my birthday. I need to “feed” it too before those extra pounds invite friends for the Summer! Life still kinda’ sucks right now but…

so long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions
for the time being. – Franz Kafka