Just in case  you missed it! Back tomorrow with Wednesday’s photo of the week – could be squirrels or could be snow. We’ve gone from winter woolies to summer shorts, and back again in a few days’ time so anything can happen! 🙂


A is for Adored – the story of Rahab

B is for Bats – a funny, family story

C is for Cows – Wilderness Wednesday photo

D is for Diapers & Driving Lessons – 10 positives to kids 16 years apart

E is for Evil Alarm Clocks – what’s new in technological warfare for the anti-morning person

F is for Fans – another bat story

G is for GPS – Weekly Photo Challenge with Geese

H is for Hineni – new word, new perspective

I is for Introvert – we do have a voice

J is for Jars – maple syrup…yum!

K is for Killaloe – my favourite flavour of a yummy Canadian treat

L is for Lighthouse

M is for Minecraft – why it’s good for kids (and this big kid)!

N is for Nana’s Hands – a poem about my Grandmother

O is for Vimy Oaks – a story 100 years in the making

P is for Pink – pink pictures!

Q is for I Quit – Or surrender!

R is for Rome – where I most want to roam

S is for Squirrel Games – the antics of my nemesi

T is for Taffy – a salt-water memory

U is for Ugly Underwear Guy – a former neighbour

V is for Video Games – why I play Halo

W is for We Fall Apart – the beauty of grief

X is for XL – sometimes we need the biggest size

Y is for Youth  – as in the Raging Inferno of My Dying Youth

Z is for Zuma – our froggie friends!