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My parents live in the country and are serenaded each spring and summer by tree frogs.

One evening two years ago, we noticed a little green frog enjoying the big cushy chair. We named him Zuma.

DSCN3336 (800x601)

After posing for photos, Zuma worked his way to the floor of the deck and tried to squeeze himself down a crack between the boards, head first. He succeeded in making a fool of himself, legs flailing hopelessly in the air. My Dad sat closer to try to take his picture while in this ridiculous pose. Humiliated, Zuma crawled under Dad’s boot to hide…

DSCN3342 (800x600)

…where he stayed for close to an hour. I took pity on my Dad (the gentle giant) and made a temporary frog shelter (NB: these cups also make great mousetraps).

DSCN3343 (750x800)

By sunset, Zuma had left his house to regale his friends of his near-death encounter with the “giants”.

Last year, Little Guy enjoyed playing with Zuma II in the pool!

(We encountered Hogarth last October, and he was not impressed with me).


I’m looking forward to Summer more than you are looking forward to the end of this post, and for those who participated, the end of the a-to-z challenge. It has been a LOT of fun!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit, and especially to those who took time to comment. I appreciated the feedback an encouragement! 🙂