It’s a Canadian thing and they are delicious. I look for them at every Fair and every amusement park! Beaver Tails! No, not this!

128px-American_Beaver (2)

By Steve from Washington, DC (American Beaver) (CC by-sa 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons





BeaverTails are fried dough pastries, hand-stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail.

They originated in Killaloe, Ontario in 1978. By the beginning of this year, there were 119 franchise and license locations in five countries: Canada, the United States , Dubai, South Korea and Japan. 

They come with different flavours! Last year, Little Guy had one with icing and chocolate cookie crumble. But my favourite is the Killaloe Beaver Tail – sugar, cinnamon and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Yum!