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Last May, a 23 year old Ontario woman made national news when she drove her car into Lake Huron one night. While poor visibility played into it, her sense of security and trust in her global positioning system (“GPS”) resulted in a scary and soggy ending to her journey. She isn’t the first, and certainly not the last!

I named my GPS “Gloria” (short for Glorious Patronizing System). I feel more secure with a paper map!

Scientists aren’t sure how, but most birds, including Canadian Geese, seem to have an internal that permits them to fly the same routes pattern year after year. Geese are monogamous, and mate for life,often returning to the places where they were born.

DSC_0747 (640x427)

I’m not sure how secure I’d feel trusting my own internal GPS. That being said, I’ve made several off-road trips to the homestead, and I lived through them all! 🙂

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