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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since Hubby & I started discussing the possibility of a move north, and by north, I mean, north to “cottage country” – where winter brings serious snows and summer brings, well, tourists. I’m not sure which I would dislike more.

Hubby had a job opportunity. Over the years, Hubby has had a number of job opportunities in Canada and the U.S., but convincing me was always the biggest obstacle. I didn’t want to move away far away from my parents (and now, my oldest son), I didn’t want to uproot our kids (both are shy and make friends slowly), I liked my job, my ministry, my 2 friends… I prayed about it too, but it never really felt “right”. Until this time. This time I sincerely wanted my words and my life to match. If I say I will trust God and go or do whatever or wherever He calls me, then I needed to be willing to do it. When I wavered or felt overwhelmed, I’d sing: “But the Father of hearts and the Maker of noses
And the Giver of dreams He’s the one I have chosen, and I will follow Him”.

So we prayed, and we talked, and Hubby went for his second meeting…up north.

And a part of me actually got a little excited. There are advantages and disadvantages to living in “cottage country”. While the commute to see family was further, it also meant realizing a dream to move out of the city. There were options as to which town or village we settled in. One had 2 rivers running through it, with plenty of hiking and biking trails with lush, tall evergreens and rugged gray rocks. There would be plenty of opportunities for fresh air and beautiful scenery to shoot year round. We could afford a bit bigger and much nicer home (I found a gorgeous all-season chalet nestled in the pines right on a lake – and it was in our price range…but sadly, not close enough to Hubby’s work). I might be unemployed for awhile, freeing me to pursue writing or photography, or something wonderful and not yet known. And yes, I could be free of bad drivers and cellphone addicts! At least in theory.

Last Summer, we “vacationed” there for 2 nights. We drove around, shopped at Wal-Mart (can you believe I only packed one outfit for a 2 day excursion?) and dined at Tim Horton’s. We did one big “tourist attraction” and nearly died of heat exhaustion. The “locals” were normal people, going about their normal days. It certainly wasn’t the idyllic scene I had envisioned, but there was potential, and I did my best to keep my heart and mind open to it.

But I still didn’t really know what to do, and as it turned out, I didn’t have to do anything. The company never contacted us again and we settled back into our “normal” lives. But I feel stronger somehow, as if I survived a test. And while I may have listened to the advice of those in our little “world”, I am happy with the choice I made…to simply rust the Maker of noses.


When I finally ask the world, they give me this advice
Say boy you just follow your heart, but my heart just led me into my chest
They said follow your nose; The direction changed every time I go and turn my head
They said boy you just follow your dreams, but my dreams were only misty notions
But the Father of hearts and the Maker of noses
And the Giver of dreams  – He’s the one I have chosen
And I will follow Him.
Rich Mullins, The Maker of Noses


This has been a “10 Minute Monday” post (where I write about whatever I want for a minimum 10 minutes, no editing – mayhem, memories, maudlin mumblings, or  “mwa ha ha” moments.