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Woo hoo! It’s March Break! And I have spent the first half of it sleeping all day and lying on the couch…sick! The only beach I am spending time on is in Minecraft. I can hardly contain my excitement.


 * * *

March Break 1992.

I was a full time college student, and an unemployed single parent. I also didn’t have a student loan to foolishly waste on vacations. So while my fellow students were jetting off to exotic places to participate in “Girls with Low Self-Esteem” videos  over March Break, I was stuck at home listening to Bryan Adams croon his undying devotion to his lady love. I longed for love and adventure…or just something exciting to do besides go out for shamrock shakes at McDonald’s. I dreaded returning to crazy stories and beach photos after class.

So I posed for my own “beach” photo!

March Break 1992 (595x607)

“high-tech” polaroid!

Instead of silky sand and balmy breezes, I braved frigid temperatures and frosty snowbanks in my strapless suit. [NB: I believe there are less than 5 bathing suit shots in existence].

The neighbours thought I was nuts!

But after graduation, while my colleagues struggled to replay their loans, I was starting the next phase in my own adventures  – debt-free!