Hubby has the unique ability to make anything sound dirty, and when it comes to bathroom jokes, he’s an expert!

Last night, he was perusing the community recreation guide when he started snickering, and then told me to listen to this…

Want household waste collection schedules and reminders at your fingertips?


Download the FREE my-waste app from your favourite App Store!

My-waste provides you with:

  • A waste collection schedule for your my neighbourhood
  • Collection details (accepted items and preparation requirements)
  • Alerts to remind you about holiday collection changes
  • Transfer station locations, hours of operation and fee guide
  • A Reference Guide that explains what to do with most common materials
  • Customer service phone numbers

Never miss another collection day…Find drop-off locations for…hazardous waste…and more!

Kinda paints a picture, doesn’t it…in broad sweeping strokes!

Speaking of pictures, I made a passing comment later in the evening, that maybe I should have included a photo…

Hubby pulled out his iPad and searched for “iPad with poo”… And he found some fabulously feculent photos! Feel free to google that on your own time!

In my defence, I’m not a good enough writer to come up with this kind of crap!


Happy Weekend!