Chloe is our third guinea pig, and other than the occasional road trip to visit my parents and the night we discovered our guinea pig could whistle like a canary, life with cavies has been pretty tame. Except when I had to give Chloe a bath because she had cedar shavings glued to the hairy rooster comb on her butt.  After she roamed in the warm water in the tub, I towelled her dry, and combed/picked/trimmed those shavings right out. Guinea Pig Hair Stylist – that’s pretty weird…

Saturday morning, I woke up to an anxious boy because our fur baby now looked like a caricature of a Mad Magazine nerd.


Her teeth aren’t supposed to stick out at that rakish angle…

We’re not sure what she did. Cavy teeth grow continuously…but not in that direction. Either a) she sustained an injury the other night when she was being silly and fell off the top of her igloo; or b) she has developed scurvy. Either option meant an emergency trip to a vet who treats “exotic animals”.



I came home Saturday afternoon $250 poorer with a toothless (uppers), stoned fluff ball and a prescription for antibiotics, to be administered once daily.

Anyone who has ever tried to give a pet antibiotics knows my pain.

Chloe’s brain may be the size of a walnut but when it comes to avoiding her medicine, she’s a genius. The first time, I tried to hold her in a towel and squirt it in. I succeeded in getting 40% in. Then I left her alone for awhile. Round 2 – I gave her a celery leaf, then squirted in the other 60% before treating her to another leaf.

Day 2 – after one sniff, she went into flight mode. I chased her around her cage for 5 minutes, before I pinned her down and succeeded in getting 20% of her medicine all over her nose, the cage and me. I can tell you it doesn’t smell bad but it is very sticky! I waited for Hubby to come home and don the oven mitts. He only chased her for 5 seconds, flipped her on her back and I did the dirty deed.

Day 3…Hubby won’t be home until late tonight. Wish me luck!

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. – Anatole France