“I’m too old for this,” I groaned as I pulled on my mittens and stepped out the door. It was 10 o’clock at night. Our street was quiet, except for the gentle pinging of freezing rain on the glassy driveway. “This is crazy!”

I’m pretty sure the last time I fixed my hair, put on make-up, and left the house that late in the evening, I was in Grade 9 heading to an all-night roller skating event. That was a long, long…long time ago…in a town far, far away! And it was a pretty crazy thing then too!

Saturday evening, Big Guy telephoned around 8. I could hear his friends chattering in the background.

BG: “Since you’re the coolest Mom in the world, wanna come see Rogue One with me and my friends?”
Me: “Are you crazy? I’m old! Doesn’t it start at 11 o’clock tonight?”
BG: “You’re not that old. You can do it! Come on!”
Me: (pausing) “You have an extra ticket don’t you. Who bailed on you?”
BG: “…maybe I just want to see Star Wars with my Mom?”

He tried to fake outrage, and it was almost convincing. He did have an extra ticket, and in the end, he twisted my rubber arm. I showered, dressed and primped. I packed a fleecy blanket in my purse, and I headed out into the storm.

I saw Star Wars with Big Guy…and his friends. I’d like to think I’m the “Best Mom in the Galaxy”.

I prayed through the whole movie because as soon as the previews started (late I might add), my digestive system decided to go “rogue”, and I really didn’t want to climb over people and dash from the theatre in the middle of the movie. Prayer works!

We left the theatre just before 2 a.m., each shuffling carefully to our cars. It was easy to find mine because it was the only one in the western lot. The freezing rain had stopped by then. I had left my windshield wipers up but I still had to scrape thick droplets of ice off every window on the car. I’m pretty sure the last time I drove home after 2 a.m. was in my college days when Hubby and I were dating. Ours was a long distance relationship, so when I drove to the big city, I stayed as long as I possibly dared before heading home. I was so thankful that now, “home” is only 15 minutes away!

I have been dragging my ancient rogue rear since. Happy Monday…or what is left of it! I’m going to bed!:-)