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This is the city. I live here. I work here. A lot of people live here and a lot of people die here. One day, I will die here…most likely at the wheels of…an idiot driver.

They are everywhere.

And when it rains, when it snows, when visibility is at Absolute 0%, like worms to a puddle, they come crawling into my path. And I die a little inside.

I’ve introduced you to the perky blonde and most recently, the 3 peaches. While this car looks suspiciously like mine, it is not! Fortunately for me, I never met this driver, but if the parking job is any indication, I have reason to be afraid…very afraid…


Only at Wal-Mart!

Now that you’re done snickering (and since I now have a song stuck in my head), I’ll invite you to join me on Youtube for a sing-along! Just click here – I dare you!

Happy Weekend!