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“You’re really not a winter person, are you?” Hubby quipped.

I was dressed in a thick, cushy sweater, huddled over the open oven door, hands outstretched, warming them. The oven was turned off; I was simply taking advantage of the waning warmth.

Winter appeared suddenly this week. With only one prior snowfall that didn’t amount to anything and temperatures soaring close to 20C as the weekend approached, I wasn’t completely prepared for the bone-chilling drop in temperature or the lasting appearance of wicked white stuff. So when we reluctantly donned our winter wear Monday morning, I was surprised to find out Little Guy had no winter hat. I am certain I stocked up last Fall! Hubby couldn’t find his gloves on Saturday, so put the snow tires on his car Saturday afternoon wearing an old, ratty pair of fingerless motorcycle gloves!

Time to be a Proverbs 31 woman…

“When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet.” (v.21)

…after I went to the mechanic to have my snow tires installed. Don’t judge me – it’s cold and wet out there!

* * *

Maybe it’s because I went to Walmart (hello People of WalMart), but I went a little crazy and I bought gloves, hats, socks, boots and long underwear for my men. And worst of all, in my smug merriment, I bought a hat for me too. Even though I know I look stupid in hats!

That evening, I proudly showed it to Hubby:

Me: See, I listened to you and I bought myself a sensible winter hat!
Hubby (exasperated): OK, but I’ve been chasing you to wear sensible winter wear for the last 20 years!!
Me: Yeah, and…I listened…

Shortly after this enlightened conversation, Hubby called his mom (I’m pretty sure our recent conversation was unrelated) but he did tell her I bought a sensible winter hat. My darling mother-in-law quipped, “Oh, she must be getting old”! 🙂

“I have a soft spot for MOMS. My other soft spots are from eating too much.” – John Wagner, Maxine cartoonist

But she wisely speaks Truth. I am getting old… and apparently forgetful! And also a little blind, because this hat just doesn’t seem sensible any more.



My brother would say”It’s perfect”!

“Next week I shall begin my operations on my hat, on which you know my principal hopes of happiness depend.” – Jane Austen

Happy Weekend!