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This is my 1,001st post. I was notified on Friday after I posted, and had I realized, I would have planned something special…maybe. 😉

One Thousand and one.

That’s a lot of words and a lot of photos. A lot of research, and editing, late nights and struggles to string sentences together so that the words were more than just…words. I wanted words that painted pictures and shared stories. I struggled most with sharing my heart. These posts (and the stack of unfinished thoughts) represent more than the Opera of the Everday. They represent a journey.

I started this blog on an whim, an uncharacteristic move for an introverted, insecure, perfectionistic individual. It all happened so fast, from conception to writing my first word. My heart was pounding and I could hardly contain my excitement. I was ready for adventure. My goals were simple:  1) to try new things; and, 2) to laugh more. I’ve done both. Who knew I could run in a Mud Hero race, and live to laugh about it later?

But sometimes I struggled.

Society expects us to have goals and to pour ourselves into making them happen. We have work goals, and personal life goals. We even set goals for the lives of those over whom we hold a sphere of influence. We beat ourselves up when we fail to meet our goals. We wonder if we have any value if we fail to even make goals in the first place. Sometimes along the way, I got caught up in it here too.

My best-laid plans would sabotage the creative process. Deadlines would crush enthusiasm. Insecurity created fear and doubt. Self-worth would get tangled up in the small number of “likes” and the lack of comments. People came…and people went. I wondered if I be better off if I just let it go. If I disappeared, would anybody really notice?

There were days when I didn’t feel like laughing. Days when I wasn’t brave enough to try something new. Days when I felt too vulnerable or broken, or just too small to share what I was really thinking or feeling.

Which was a shame.

Isn’t that part of what makes us human? Isn’t that what we need, what we crave for in our connections with others? The freedom to be who we are – broken people struggling to make plans, and share our stories, and find joy. To let down our guard and remove the mask. To crush the facade we live behind and just…be.

So I pondered and meditated, and struggled some more to compile my short list of just what this journey is (slowly) teaching me.

  • Be kind to yourself. Set realistic expectations.
  • We all fail. It’s ok.
  • Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be broken or imperfect.
  • Do what you feel called to do.  Especially if it makes you happy.
  • Everyone is a critic. Listen to the ones you know you can trust!
  • Take one day at a time. Rest when necessary.
  • Laugh in the midst of the “Opera of the Everyday”.
  • Share your story.
  • Embrace your littleness.
  • Write.

“Isn’t it beautiful the way we fall apart
It’s magical and tragic all the ways we break our hearts
So unpredictable, we’re comfortably miserable
We think we’re invincible, completely unbreakable
And maybe we are
Isn’t it beautiful the way we fall apart.”
– We As Human, We Fall Apart


Thank you to those who have let me share time with you.  Thank you to those who have taken time to share back.


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