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Yesterday started as just another ordinary , rainy day and then Murphy’s Law kicked in…

I was clicking away on my keyboard, tucked neatly in my cubicle of purgatory at work, when one of our seniors ushered in a middle-aged woman in tight leather pants and “vamp red” lipstick, smiling broadly.

She looked fantastic!

Murphy’s Law:

Spend hours selecting wardrobe, fixing hair and applying make-up.
Meet No one.

Agonize briefly over wardrobe, skip hair and make-up.
Meet the Queen.

When I got dressed after dragging myself from my safe haven (like Flossy), I had fully expected to be ignored at work. I was dressed “appropriately” for work in basic, matronly clothes: grey slacks, a grey & purple print top, and a black cardigan. I knew the building would be full of seniors for their monthly potluck gathering, and I didn’t want to offend them with my sassy green boots or a filmy shirt that might show my tattoo. But mostly, I was tired and I fully expected to meet no one whose opinion might make me question my life choices. Yet, here we were! A sexy vamp and…me! In that moment, I was thankful that I had at least taken time to swap my orange sneakers for black heels, and while I hadn’t brushed my hair yet, it was neatly pinned up. The barn door, however, desperately needing painting – I wasn’t even wearing Chapstick!

She shook my hand firmly as she introduced herself, and passed me a business card. She was a location scout for an upcoming movie starring Robert De Niro. They needed a location to shoot a high school cafeteria scene on short notice since the place they booked had fallen through. Could she look around?

While we were looking around, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window overlooking the gymnasium. It was worse than I thought. I looked, well…


photo courtesy of www61.myfantasyleague.com

She happily chatted away as we toured the building, explaining in detail what they were looking for and why. Filming would be right before Christmas.  She even said I would get to meet Mr. De Niro, if they chose our location.

They didn’t. I won’t.

I tried harder this morning. I took some more time to select my clothes: grey dress pants, white & yellow striped sweater. I accessorized with a yellow scarf and a silver watch. I brushed my hair. I even thought about putting on make-up, but decided I shouldn’t go crazy first thing in the morning. I might put an eye out!

I spent the day in the office…alone.

Still, it’s the weekend so…


photo courtesy of http://www.dumpaday.com