We didn’t make it to the Fair on Saturday, despite our best intentions. We were determined to go. Hubby wanted to see the Monster Trucks and enjoy some Fair fare. Little Guy wanted to ride the Alien Invasion ride, even if it made him feel like he was going to throw up. I wanted to go on the ride that spins really fast and tangles your hair. Oh, and fudge!

It was drizzling and damp, the kind of damp that seeps in under the cuffs of your shirt and clings to your back. But we were determined to go. I wore my rubber boots and a thick flannel shirt.

We drove half-way there before it started to rain and the sky blackened. Walking in the rain and eating in the rain are fine. But sitting in the rain to watch Monster trucks and worse, sitting in the rain on a ride (especially if the rain has already puddled in the seat), not so fine. So I asked the question: Do we really want to do this?  After all, what are the 3 things you do at a Fair? You walk, you ride, and you eat things that are bad for you. Then I had an idea!

Friends of ours have 4 kids. They are an awesome family, who believe in making their own fun. And from time to time, that homespun fun includes a trip to the local grocery store. Every person gets a set amount of cash and they can buy whatever they want. Cash can be pooled and items negotiated. At the end, the booty is spread out at home in front of a movie and enjoyed by all.

So that’s what we did. We rode in the car on a soggy Saturday afternoon. We walked all around the grocery store, each of us with $5 to spend (taxes had to be included to increase the challenge). We went home to spread out our fare together and play Minecraft.

But what can you get for $5? Once you started looking at what was available, deciding what you really wanted, thinking how to maximize your $5, the options grew exponentially. Salty, sweet or savoury? Healthy or unhealthy? Baked or deep-fried? It took us more than half an hour before we finally checked out.

Here’s what we got:


Hubby: Lebanese pitas with herb & garlic cream cheese. Toast it lightly under the broiler. Yum!

Little Guy: Double chocolate cake and an Aero bar – mint-flavoured. Yum!

Me: 6 raisin butter tarts and a Mr. Big. Yum!

And we did it all for less than $15 – the cost of 1 small bar of fudge at the Fair!

“There are 2 food groups in the world: the one you put cheese on and the one you put chocolate on.” – Author Unknown

What would your “go-to” snack be in the grocery challenge? Go ahead and call me nosy – I don’t mind! 🙂