Sometimes you have to make a mistake to learn a lesson. Sometimes those mistakes have serious consequences; other times they make extra work. Or in this case, just haunt you with the humiliation of it all, the rest of your life! It’s a “Throwback Thursday” kind of week…but Friday is a-comin’!
* * *


I always make it a point to let someone know when they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe, or something green and leafy stuck in their teeth. This is why…

Travel back with me to a warm Friday night in June in 1991. It was the first of 3 performances by the Drama Club at the high school. I was so traumatized that I can’t even tell you the name of the play. In just a few short weeks, I would be kissing this school good-bye forever (ironically, I ended up doing a 4 month college placement in the Guidance Department at school, where I was mistaken for a student and reamed out by a teacher for being in the hallway during exams…but I digress). I was escorting (or being escorted, depending on how you looked at it) my Grandmother to see the play.

The gym had that lingering, pungent…

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