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It’s amazing how a mouse in the house can wreak havoc in the life of a family. I’m so thankful for Tim Horton’s coffee cups (I used one once to shelter zuma, the treefrog).

Mom was working at the desk in the living room Sunday evening, as I finished stacking some packed boxes and bags by the door. I was leaving in the morning. She (foolishly) asked if she was seeing things. Dad looked up from his magazine, and nonchalantly stated, “no, you’re not seeing things. It’s just a mouse”.

While Dad turned back to his magazine Mom, Little Guy and I were hopping on the furniture. Then I hopped down to put my bags and boxes up as well. A mouse in a car might be a cute children’s story, but it would not have procured a happy ending if it were in MY car.


My favourite book as a kid (image courtesy of Pinterest)

Both Little Guy and I slept with our doors closed. When I got up in the night to see if I could see the northern lights, I made lots of noise!

Little Guy spotted the “beast” the next morning. Dad was away, and Mom didn’t relish the idea of sharing her house with this mouse for the rest of the day. So…I trapped it…in an empty Tim Horton’s coffee cup (I’m so proud of me!).


The cup was wiggling so grabbed the nearest shoe…

I had to use a stiff piece of cardboard (Halo Mega Blocks) and  put it outside in the garden. Then I ran for my camera.


“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” – Walt Disney

Happy Wednesday!