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“How do we cherish these moments?”

A profound question from the mouth of a 10 year old, as we stood in the field under a canopy of stars. The dark sky was so clear we could see the milky way, something hidden from us under the glare of city lights, even in the country spaces near our home. Little Guy’s arms were wrapped around my waist, his eyes transfixed above us.

“They’re so beautiful, I feel like crying. Seriously, Mom, how do we cherish these moments?”, he asked a second time.

Sometimes moments just happen. Sometimes they are made.

Friday night we made a “moment”. Big Guy had lit a fire, the first in 5 years. I was anxious to tuck Little Guy in bed because school starts in a few short days. I want him well rested for it. As I kissed his forehead, it struck me – this is a moment. Big Guy would be leaving in the morning; we would be leaving on Monday. We don’t know that we’ll have another night like this one. So I told Little Guy to get dressed – bedtime could wait.

Here’s to the twilight, here’s to the memories
These are my souvenirs, my mental pictures of everything
Here’s to the late nights, here’s to the firelight
these are my souvenirs…

Little Guy

Here’s to your bright eyes, shining like fireflies
These are my souvenirs
The memory of a lifetime, my souvenirs

We roasted marshmallows. We gazed at the stars. We watched the flames in silence.


Sometimes “moments” happen, and we don’t realize they are “moments” until much later…

The last (and only) time I shared a fire here was 5 years ago. Big Guy wasn’t here, but my grandparents were, and we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, just like countless times before. I had no idea it would be our last.

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I close my eyes and go back in time
I can see you’re smiling, you’re so alive
we were so young, we had no fear
we were so young, we had no idea
that life was just happening

How do we cherish these moments?

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Let them happen. Live in the moment. Make a mental picture. Reflect. Don’t rush.
Keep them as a souvenir.


Quotes from “My Souvenirs” by Switchfoot, Vice Verses, 2011. Written by Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc