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Sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t another midlife crisis rant related to the joys of aging! Friday’s menopausal meltdown was more than enough for this month!

No…this week is all about eating, sleeping, swilling tea and lounging by the pool with a good book. I even bought a bikini but haven’t worked up the nerve to scar my children for life yet…that is if I haven’t already!:-)

DSC_0208 (3) (800x533)

This little butterfly ( 7/8 – 1 3/8″ wing span), a Strymon Melinus (or Gray Hairstreak) was quite taken with my boys, perching on them, hoping to attract a lady-love with his bravery. He liked Big Guy’s hairy arms, and Little Guy’s shiny head!

That evening, my Dad took the boys flying in a small airplane, while Mom and I went shopping. I let them borrow my camera!

This afternoon, Big Guy took me out back to try something new…maybe it will be part of my next midlife crisis adventure. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Wednesday!