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August 12th was the second hottest day of the year, the 30th day of over 30 C weather. It was, in fact, 33 but with humidity, felt more like 43.

I escaped my “cubicle of purgatory” to help bridesmaids deliver flowers and snip loose threads off their pink dresses. I also helped do a sound check for a cellist and soloist since the A/V tech was a titch tardy. All in a sanctuary where the main air conditioner is broken…

And while it was warm in the sanctuary, it was downright tropical in the custodian’s closet, where I partnered with a pretty, size 2 blonde, to repair a plant stand for a bouquet of wilting champagne roses. If she hadn’t been size 2, we wouldn’t have been able to fit in there at the same time.

We needed a Robertson screwdriver, but could only find a common blade screwdriver. It was only after we were soaked in our sweat and nearly passing out from heat exhaustion, that the custodian showed up. He was surprised to see two damsels in distress in his closet, but he did nonchalantly point out the black toolbox we had completely missed, before shrugging his shoulders…and leaving.

We removed the offending screws and added 2 small nails, but it was not enough to fix the tremulous platform, so we put a nail in its coffin. It took a couple of tries – the first nail, while long and inviting, refused to budge at the halfway point. But we persevered and the bride’s flowers were delightfully displayed before the wedding march.

I spent the rest of the day fighting off bridesmaids for space in front of office air-conditioner.

After the wedding, the one who fixed the table with me, thanked me for my help and added: “when I came to you with my request for a hammer and screwdriver, I expected you be like ‘what?’. I can’t believe how you just smiled and asked me, ‘what kind do you need?’ like I wasn’t an insane person”.

She doesn’t know this was a pleasure compared to Bridezilla. She also didn’t know that already that week I had climbed under a rock, hid under a desk, and ate my lunch in the corner. Just another day in Paradise!

Only one week to go before I go on holidays for a week. And then…

Secretary with crossbow2

Happy Monday!


This has been a “10 Minute Monday” post (where I write about whatever I want for a minimum 10 minutes, no editing – mayhem, memories, maudlin mumblings, or  “mwa ha ha” moments).