Every precious memory in your lifetime either begins with a smile, hug, tears, or heartfelt laughter.” ~Alvaretta Roberts

A vignette is a brief account, description or episode. Often, the events of the day can be viewed as a series of vignettes, rather than one long story.

* * *

A couple of weeks ago, I was so tired by bedtime, that I started snickering in ad for t.v. show and couldn’t stop. My face turned red, tears streaming down it and I simply couldn’t catch my breath. My sides started to hurt. Hubby, being a compassionate guy, helped by adding his impression of his lovely mother giggling, which only intensified the attack.  Eventually I regained control ( thankfully before a bladder failure- the thing your mother didn’t tell you about natural childbirth), but it was short-lived.

At bedtime, I got stuck in my own clothing…

It happens from time to time, usually in a store dressing room when I’m deceiving myself into a size too small…or that one time while modelling my bodacious bargain…only this time the item that was stuck was my everyday, wear-it-all-the-time bra. I was taking it off under my tee shirt – I do it all the time! I unhooked the back & slid the straps over shoulders, down my arms, and off and over my wrists. All I had to do was pull the whole thing out the bottom of my shirt…but my bra continued to just hang there. I kept pulling; it just kept springing back. I felt like I was Wile E. Coyote trapped in a coil.

I started to panic…hubby started to laugh. And laugh.

And laugh.

I caught our reflection in the mirror and had a flash-forward  to our “golden” years together…

Tears started to well in my eyes again.

Turns out out the hook had caught the fabric under arm just out of my reach. Hubby had to “rescue” me. I have been wearing a bra since Grade 5 so you’d think I could work it by now…

Trapped in bra

Happy Weekend!