“The aging process has you firmly in its grap if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.” – Doug Larson

My home and native land isn’t shy about throwing “snowballs” several months of the year, so it’s safe to say that the aging process hasn’t caught up with Canada yet. We were more than happy to celebrate 149 years this past weekend!

To celebrate, Little Guy and I made the road trip to the my parents without the usual bad drivers, traffic jam, detours or construction. We skipped the community pancake breakfast and the classic car show in favour of bacon in our pjs at home. We shared BBQ burgers and fresh salads with family and neighbours (in the living room because it was raining). Then we headed to the grocery store parking lot (the one my Dad forced me to drive in for hours when he was teaching me) for fireworks.

Everyone cheered and honked their car horns when it ended.

But the best surprise was the next morning! I woke up to someone tapping me on the shoulder -I thought it was Little Guy… It was Big Guy! He had driven down after the fireworks in the city. I had even tiptoed past him on the couch in the night on the way to the loo. I thought it was my Mom (guess I didn’t notice the beard).

We, in turn, decided to surprise everyone else, so we sneaked out while everyone was still sleeping and brought home Tim’s (and a bathing suit for Big Guy).

The three of us spent part of the day playing Starcraft Risk, with the loser getting thrown in the pool…in their clothes.

Guess who lost?!?

So graceful!

Little Guy tried to help me get Big Guy in the pool next…

DSC_0475 (800x533)

Guess who lost again…

DSC_0469 (800x533) (534x527)

I’m training reinforcements to help me next time…

DSC_0507 (800x533)

Happy 4th of July to my neighbours to the south!