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Some days I love my job… while other days I feel like I’m in the “cubicle of purgatory” or at the epicentre of a circus. As mentioned countless times before, I am a church lady office administrator so I work in the “family business” with the usual list of suspects characters to contend with – some are lovely and loving, while others openly parade crazy. But I love them all.

So, on any given day, the clouds can gather threateningly all around me, competing with the sun. It is on those days that I must decide how I will approach the gathering storm. Will I rain hail and brimstone down on others, or will I extend grace instead?

Stormy clouds over church

I can’t control the clouds, but I can choose to watch for the light behind them.


This post is in response to the Daily Posts’ one-word prompt: Clouds. To see more prompted posts, click here.