I should have posted this on Sunday, but I was too busy enjoying your company in person! Love you Mom & Dad! xoxo


Hook & Ladder Truck – 1975

That’s my Daddy, at the top of that ladder, battling one of the largest and worst fires in my hometown. My Mom has admitted that in the 34 years he was a firefighter, despite all the calls in the middle of the night and on the stormiest days, that was the only time that she was really afraid for him. I was 2 years old and oblivious…

Even though this photograph makes him appear “larger than life”, my Dad is quiet and shy, with an amazing ability to fix just about anything (except maybe broken hearts). He isn’t the “snuggle & cuddle” type, but has patiently endured millions of hugs & kisses from me! But I have never doubted that he loves me.

He showed it in little ways:

Sometimes when he stopped at the store to get milk, he’d buy me gum.


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