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A lot of people participate in Throwback Thursdays (“TT”) and they link it to some place…I don’t remember where. I mean, I know I’ve read about it, but I literally. don’t. remember. I take comfort in the fact that every day is another day closer to death.

When I read the term “Throwback”, I picture someone throwing up…so today, for your reading pleasure, I’m sending you on a porcelain journey to one of my posts in my Top 3 Search Terms!

This little loogie was originally posted on January 23, 2012, just a few days into this blog’s inception. It has been viewed 398 times…and has 0 likes! Please take a boo, and when you’ve finished, wipe your chin with the back of your hand, click the “Like” button (to strengthen my ever-weakening pulse), and add a few cliché chunks of your own.

Mid-Life Crisis Clichés

Buon appetito! 🙂

p.s. If laughter is the best medicine, and you’re feeling nauseous now, you could always pop over to Mid-Life Crisis Jokes for Women… which is a genuinely popular post (1,319 views & 18 likes)