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I stood there, staring into the dark brown eyes of a 20 year old boy, and my heart was sinking. Those eyes were vacant. I was in trouble.

We were down to one car on Saturday, (Hubby’ car was in the shop all weekend) and I was already running late for an appointment. With Little Guy in tow, I had raced into Home Depot and expertly tracked down the first customer service representative to cross my path.

I was on a mission. I needed spackle, and I just needed someone to tell me where to look for it.

Instead, I found this poor overgrown boy in an orange apron, with a “deer in the headlights” expression in his eyes. He didn’t move. In fact, he looked like he was barely breathing. Clearly I had overwhelmed him with my simple request.

It isn’t the first time I’ve had a strange encounter with a salesperson whose brain hamster was running on a wheel but not generating much electricity.

It turns out that he wasn’t blanking on where to direct me…he just didn’t know what spackle was. I explained that we needed to fill nail holes in a wooden block.

“Oh, you mean plaster?” So close, sweetheart.

Eventually…after multiple descriptions and explanations (with hand gestures)…


…and I made it to aisle 11. But I still couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I nabbed Earl. At first, he insisted they didn’t sell spackle. so once again, I carefully and slowly explained what I was trying to do. What kind of home improvement store doesn’t sell spackle? And then…


Earl directed me to an entire shelf rife with possibilities!

I chose the spackle “for dummies “…the kind that goes on pink and turns white when it’s dry enough to sand (wish they did this with make-up). Somehow, after my experience, that just seemed like the most appropriate kind to buy!


This is a 10 minute Monday post (written on Tuesday)…the object is to write for 10 minutes-no editing & no wasting time agonizing over word. Just writing for the fun of writing!