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My friend, Eli, CoachDaddy, did it again last week. He called  on “bloggers, friends, strangers, and a few strange blogger friends ” to answer a simple question in 6 words…then he compiled  a shockingly varied and apt list of what we say we control, in 6 words. I participated in it too…and then this happened!

Going Sane

Here’s the link – check it out: What We Control in 6 Words. Feel free to add your own 6 words – CoachDaddy would love it.

As for me, I woke up this morning dreading the drive to work in yet another snowstorm with double-digit temperatures dipping  into the -C (with wind chill). And as I shuffled to the car, with the stink of wet wool in my nose and my eyes glued to the ground (lest I wipe out on a patch of ice), a little voice started to giggle from somewhere deep inside.  Then I climbed into my car of an in-determinant colour (from all the salt and dirt), remembered that regardless of which major route I take, both are just starting the construction slated for the next 2 years…and the giggle grew until it burst through my lips in my outdoor voice. I startled Little Guy. Finally, I popped in a cd, cranked up the theme song to “Miami Vice”, grinned and stated “Tubbs, let’s get you to school”.


Yup! I’m in complete control again!

Happy Weekend!