I pushed back the large bowl of rich pasta and leaned further back into my seat, announcing, “Voglio i miei pantaloni grossi”! We were in an Italian restaurant at the time so it seemed appropriate to share in Italian. In English – “I want my big pants”.

I’ve had a rough week – lots of drama, soul searching, and sleepless nights. That bowl of pasta couldn’t begin to make it all better, but it was worth a shot!

One night, I wrote a brilliant analogy using blue and yellow pillows that explained my perspective in a whole sordid conflict. I finally fell asleep and…

…now I hate yellow pillows…



“O Elaine, what are you doing here?”

I feel like I should be sharing something profound about life being the “opera of the every day” and we all have our part to play…blah…blah…blah… (barf…barf) and then wrap it up with a bunch of inspiring quotes like “if it isn’t over, it isn’t the end”, “life is what happens after you make plans” or “seize the day”! Or better yet, a bunch of overused corny cliches meant to bring a smile to your butt face: “every cloud has a silver lining”, “every time a bell rings…another rat gets electrocuted”. And who can forget “if life is bowl of cherries, then what am I doing in the pits?”. How…?

I got nothing…

Big Girl Panties

…and try eating your way to happiness. If that doesn’t work, try sleeping until noon. I did! It didn’t work but I do feel rested and ready for the next bag of chips. Happy weekend!