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Woo hoo! Spring break!

And I have to work this week…but not before I took a long weekend road trip to visit my parents, which included french fry sword duels, blueberry pie, and endless pots of tea!

* * *

March Break 1992.

I was a full time college student, and an unemployed single parent.  I  also didn’t have a student loan to foolishly waste on vacations. So while my fellow students were jetting off to exotic places to party over March Break, I was longing for something exciting to do and knew I would face crazy stories and beach photos when we all came together.

I had no adventures that week, but my Mom helped me return to school with a “beach” photo of my own! It’s ven a “high-tec” polaroid!

March Break 1992 (595x607)

My partner  in crime held my jacket while I spread out my towel in the snow in our front yard, and settled on it. I tossed my sneakers out of sight. Mom snapped the picture, then tossed me my shoes  and jacket. Fortunately, the sun was shining. Unfortunately, it was March, and it was cold! The neighbours thought I was nuts!

I may not have spent the week on a warm beach, but my little photo gave me a unique story to share with the others. Mom and I still laugh about it every now and then.

And after graduation, their party was over as they struggled to replay their loans, while I was starting the next phase in own adventures.